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Education and Certifications: 

Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching:

Certified Professional Coach (C.P.C)

Certified Disaster Recovery Coach (C.D.R.C) 

Illinois State University:

Bachelor's degree in Sociology

Integrity Consulting and Coaching Enterprise:

Certified Coach

Carolyn is the founder of Beautiful Living LLC.  She is also the founder of House of Day Star, a single mothers' ministry, that helps transform the lives of single mothers to live a well and balanced life. 

Carolyn is a champion for single mothers.  She has helped transform the lives of hundreds of women in her career. As a single mother of two herself, she understands the challenges and demands of everyday life.

Being a compassionate visionary has allowed her mentorship and counsel to open the hearts and mind of individuals to excel in their purpose. Carolyn specializes in individual and group programs that encourage and motivates her clients to be the best they can be.


Meet Carolyn

"I am very passionate about people having a beautiful life no matter what challenges they are being faced with. I know what it is like to experience pain due to many traumatic and life changing incidents in my past. I was left to raise two children by myself, and it certainly was not easy. Although I dealt with many highs and lows, I succeeded in creating a beautiful life with prayer, smiling and surrounding myself around positive people.  I was always determined to find my own self-worth, keep a positive "I can" attitude and leave the "I can’t" out of my vocabulary!

As a Certified Professional Coach, I will help you find your full potential using many proven and effective tools and techniques. Together we will overcome challenges and find your life direction to help you accomplish your goals. The tools help my clients achieve balance and see the beauty in their life with family and friends, and show them that their dreams are right within their grasp.

Life can be beautiful, even in the mist of a storm. It is up to us to make the choice to be still and relax, to see the solution, and not dwell on the past or the problem. Keep smiling-- it will bring joy to others and be medicine to your soul.

"Smile real pretty now!"


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